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The final tests for teleoperation using 5G SA and NSA in the framework of the 5G-Blueprint Project have now been completed. The teleoperation solution offers multiple solutions within the logistics chain to reduce the idle time of drivers/operators, such as 1) the possibility of a multi-operator setup, and 2) increased worker mobility. Teleoperation allows a single operator to switch between different vehicles remotely using a single station. The savings in costs, time, damages, etc. can be enormous, while also providing a positive boost to the human capital agenda. On a medium-sized distribution site (~6000 transport movements per year), a savings of a full man-year is very possible. Along with teleoperation, different assistent systems have been developed. One of them is the auto docking functionality. A system that can park a truck-trailer combination autonomously to a dock. On our demo-stand you experience teleoperation yourself and take a look inside the control room of a teleoperator.

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