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Bicycle Platoon Module

Automotive Campus Automotive Campus 30, Helmond

Small groups of bicyles are detected early to get a green light and a smooth ride passing the traffic light. DTV Consultants demonstrate visitors this experience themselves at a traffic light nearby.

Audio navigation for traffic participant

Automotive Campus Automotive Campus 30, Helmond

Dream Waves will demonstrate the use of the audio navigation app for pedestrians and for bike riders. The demonstration will consist of you as a participant selecting one of a few optional paths, putting on open headphones (so you can hear traffic around them safely), and navigating without having to look at the screen. You [...]

VR Experience

Automotive Campus Automotive Campus 30, Helmond

Get a VR Experience at ACE Mobility where vehicles will show you what is going on in the automotive and mobility world. A quiz will test your knowledge about new technologies and innovation. Visit our VR Experience!

5G Blueprint Demonstration

Automotive Campus Automotive Campus 30, Helmond

The final tests for teleoperation using 5G SA and NSA in the framework of the 5G-Blueprint Project have now been completed. The teleoperation solution offers multiple solutions within the logistics chain to reduce the idle time of drivers/operators, such as 1) the possibility of a multi-operator setup, and 2) increased worker mobility. Teleoperation allows a [...]

NXP sensor test vehicle

Automotive Campus Automotive Campus 30, Helmond

NXP Semicondutors builds sensors and processors for ADAS solutions, such as automotive radar. We test and validate new sensor innovations using our own test vehicle, both on closed circuits as well as on public roads. Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) provide the safe and increasingly autonomous experiences that will reshape our relationship to transport. The [...]

Road to Zero-Emission

Automotive Campus Automotive Campus 30, Helmond

Westport Fuel Systems shows its Dual Fuel Truck solution, that is the intermediate one to Zero emission, and the final Zero-emission H2-HPDI truck solution. Both offer a low Total Cost of Ownership. These developments are part of the Dutch Funding programs.

Circular bikelanes and zero energy crossings

Automotive Campus Automotive Campus 30, Helmond

Vialis will show elements of the Circular bike lanes and zero energy crossing. Crossings, including traffic lights, public lightning that are fully self supplying for their energy  and bikelanes, including public lighting and safety markings, that are fully circular. Watch the videos: Sustainable Crossroads Automotive Reel

Automated Public Transport Bus

Automotive Campus Automotive Campus 30, Helmond

Join ADASTEC to experience the future of transportation with our ‘’SAE Level-4 Autonomous Driving Software Platform’’. Our Automated Public Transport Bus will be in action, offering a closed test area ride to showcase its advanced technology and safety features to Automotive Week attendees. ADASTEC’s Level-4 Autonomous Driving Software System will help to solve transportation problems [...]


Automotive Campus Automotive Campus 30, Helmond

The SolarOnTop saves around 2.000 liters of fuel per year, that’s almost 7 tonnes of CO2! IM Efficiency is a technology scale-up from the Netherlands and we’re making trucks sustainable. Instead of only focusing on the truck itself, we use renewable energy sources in the trailer. We believe that the trailer is the key to [...]

Mirai Data

Automotive Campus Automotive Campus 30, Helmond

Mirai Data will demonstrate our Autonomous Lifter, developed in partnership with FUTU-RE Co., Ltd. of Nagoya, Japan, live at our exhibition area.  In our first public demonstration, we will showcase the concept vehicle’s fully autonomous load lifting and delivery capacity, along with its exceptional ability to manoeuvre in tight spaces. Our exhibition will highlight use [...]

A Situation-Aware Motion Planner in the TNO Carlabs

Automotive Campus Automotive Campus 30, Helmond

The vehicle uses AI-based reasoning to plan its future trajectory based on the desired behaviour in its current context and the risk of its actions. This ‘situation awareness’ allows the vehicle to demonstrate safe behaviour in complex situations in automated driving. Decision making is one of the most challenging tasks for an automated vehicle. State-of-the-art [...]

Facility Tour Mobility Quarter for Applied Sciences

Automotive Campus Automotive Campus 30, Helmond

Facility tour to the facilities of MarQ (Mobility Quarter for Applied Research), a collaboration of TNO, Noord-Brabant, Helmond and other parties. In this tour the newest facilities  for research and development of connected automated vehicles will be shown. Like: carlabs, driving simulator, HIL and SIL environments, Digital City Twins, facilities for testing and acquiring data [...]

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