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In order to present a scalable yard automation solution it is also important to consider the use case of short distance low speed manoeuvring on a distribution center with a Cost Efficient Yard Automation Solution (CEYAS). A new solution is demonstrated by TNO that amongst others can be used to move fully loaded trailers on a yard while the electrical road vehicle are being charged or scarce drivers utilized on public road logistics.

Electrification and driver shortage leaves the logistic sector with new challenges. The Verhagen Leiden yard automation contributes to the solution of these challenges by better utilisation of drivers (public road deployment) and equipment (charge electrical trucks on yard) by automation solutions that take over on-yard logistic tasks. Automated trailer movers also expand the pool of outdoor automation solutions (yard tractors, public road trucks) and with that supports the development of a scalable automation solution such that the best logistic solution/vehicle can be chosen for the job.

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