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Using ViSense; we turn standard RGB CCTV camera’s in smart sensors for real time detection of traffic modalities. ViSense, consists out of a processing unit and ViSense software, provides real time CAM messages for the ITLC system. Feeding the renowned UDAP platform of Monotch and enable users of the traffic application to manage traffic according to set preferences such as prioritizing cyclist platoons as shown in this demo with our partner DTV Consultants.
ViSense virtually connects all traffic participants to the ITS-application enabling improved safety and throughput for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians whilst lowering the environmental impact of traffic.

During the demonstration visitors will have the possibility to cycle to the intersection President Rooseveltlaan – Boerhaavelaan themselves, which will be equipped with the Bicycle Platoon Module. This is approximately a 5 minute drive from the congress. Once arrived near the intersection, visitors can experience the working of the system by forming a platoon and cycling over the intersection. There will be a DTV Consultants employee present at the intersection to explain the working of the system and guide visitors.

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