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Rijkswaterstaat is an executive organization of the Dutch Ministry of Transportation and Watermanagement.

Rijkswaterstaat maintains and develop national roads, waterways and open waters, and will be supporting a sustainable environment. With others we commit ourselves to a country that is protected against floods. With sufficient nature and sufficient and clean water. Where you can travel fluently and safely from A to B. To be engaged with others to make the Netherlands safe, livable and accessible.

Management area of main highways network.

  • 0,7 percent of the Netherlands are highways
  • These highways are among the most
    intensively used roads in the world
  • 68 billion vehicle kilometres on a yearly basis
  • 3 million road users on a daily basis

To perform traffic management we have 5 regional traffic centers in the Netherlands. All 5 traffic centers are responsible for safety and flow on our highways every traffic center has their own area. The traffic center in Helmond is responsible for the highways in het southern part of the Netherlands, the provinces Zeeland, Noord-Brabant and Limburg.


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